Resource Based View (RBV) analyzes and interprets(تفسیر می کند)  resources of the organizationsto understand how organizations achieve sustainable competitive advantage(مزیت رقابتی یادار). The RBV focuses on the concept of difficult-to-imitate (دشوار برای تقلید)attributes(مشخصه) of the firm as sources of superior performance(عملکرد برتر) and competitive advantage(مزیت رقابتی)  (Barney, 1986; Hamel and Prahalad, 1996).

Resources that cannot be easily transferred(انتقال یافتن)  or purchased(خریدن) , that require an extended learning curve(محنی یادگیری گسترده) or a majorکلان) ) change in the organization climate(جو) and culture(فرهنگ), are more likely to be uniqueیکتا) ) to the organization and, therefore(بنابراین) , more difficult to imitate by competitors(رقبا) . According to(با عنایت به)  Conner, performance variance(واریانس، شاید “گستردگی اختلاف” هم بتوان گفت)  between firms(شرکت)  depends on its possession(مالکیت) of unique inputs(ورودی) and capabilities(قابلیت ها) (۱۹۹۱).

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